Take that solo trip!

Take that solo trip!

I adore travel, and one thing for sure is I love fashion. I mixed the two for my dream getaway. I went away from the noise of my anxiety and mistakes and found myself around 3. You can feel safe while alone. I recall a conversation during covid peak one in the area to my past love, and he mentioned him coming with me, quickly changing the subject with a drink. I opted to skip travel in 2020 to focus on finances, and in 2021, I saved for my trip to allow a cushion of fashion, flight in style, and staying at a boutique hotel. Total less than 1k, and I was proud of staying within my budget.

Puerto Rico is rich in culture. On my uber drive from the airport, I realized I needed to flex my Spanglish. Muy bonita I must say “you know this woman over her past and happy about her present and future, including more travel dates book.”

Orginal Post:Oct 16th 2021

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