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Styled Thru Life

I'm Jasmyn Henriquez, founder of Styled Thru Life, inspiring and empowering women through fashion. From a blog in 2018 to a vibrant boutique in 2022, my journey celebrates strength and self-discovery. As an MS warrior, I've faced life's challenges, embracing solo travel and navigating divorce, emerging stronger each time. Styled Thru Life isn't just clothing; it's empowerment, confidence in your uniqueness. Join me to conquer life's adventures, always "Forever Styled, Forever Confident."

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Styled Thru Life

" One thing I heard from women when I modeled clothing during my Poshmark re-sale time was hearing: “I wish I could pull that off.” I share with women that Confidence comes from within, sharing my story on the stages of loving myself and my body, and I want to continue this within the Styled Thru Life brand." Jasmyn Mission is for woman to feel " Forever Styled, Forever Confident." Bringing out your best self.

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