Queens Rising: Navigating Setbacks with Grace and Strength

Hello, beautiful souls!


Life is full of twists and turns; my journey these past six months has been a testament to that. In some of my relationships, I’ve led in areas where I’m strong and cherished being a feminine woman. Finances weren’t my forte, but I decided to change that. With the support of my best friend, who's on her way to marital bliss, I looked hard at my financial habits. We started tackling my debts with a snowball strategy, and I was committed to living my Styled Thru Life, making smart financial choices. However, a layoff from a role that supported my brand and building my business, along with my bills, travel, and finishing my bachelor's degree, threw a wrench in my plans.

My goal was nearly achieved, with a completion date set for Q1 2024, but this setback taught me an important lesson: setbacks are just setups for comebacks, and you're not starting over; you're starting from experience. I had to make some choices, cutting back on subscription services and reviewing my budget to see where else I could save. I swapped my high-end makeup and skin-care for drugstore finds (though I couldn't part with my beloved Fenty foundation). I said goodbye to my monthly $70-$100 nail indulgences and paused recurrent social brunch outings. And as much as it hurt, I let go of the chance to see Bad Bunny live in concert. But you know what? A little miracle happened - a friend gifted me tickets. Life has its way of surprising us! 

This period has been humbling, to say the least, but it's also been empowering. I've taken a new role that aligns with my aspirations, allowing me to bring value to the table, regardless of the title, while working to climb back into the role I was in or even higher. It's been a journey of realizing that our dreams are worth chasing, no matter the obstacles. So, to all the incredible women reading this, go after your dreams with everything you've got. It's about the value you bring and the lives you touch. You are capable of amazing things, so never stop believing in yourself.

 Keep shining, keep dreaming, and remember, you're a queen. 👑

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